EzMigration gets you up and running with your new drive quickly and easily
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Storage is pretty cheap now compared to back in the day. As a result, folks are happily filling up their disks knowing that they can always buy a bigger drive when they run out of room.
But here's the problem - if you want to migrate your operating system and applications to a larger drive, you can just go willy nilly copying files from one drive to the other.

Life's too short to waste your time manually moving files, reinstalling applications, and resizing partitions. EzMigration gets you up and running with your new drive quickly and easily.

EzMigration software will migrate (clone) all the information, including the operating system and installed programs, from your original hard disk drive to a larger hard disk without having to reinstall and reconfigure all of your software. No spending days tediously reinstalling all applications, configuring them, and copying data back and forth. Everything works just like it did before, and all your applications behave exactly the same as on the old system. EzMigration comes with an easy to use partition expander tool that allows you to quickly and easily expand the partitions on your new drive to gain full access of its storage capability.

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